Rome 2006

Four days sightseeing in Rome - the Eternal City (of queues)
IMG 0714  The obligatory shot of the funky bathroom  IMG 0715  Sunken bath!  I've always wanted one of those :-)  IMG 0716  Big bed...  IMG 0717  Funky boutique hotel decor  IMG 0718  TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY EUROS?  For a bottle of Veuve?! Non posso crederlo!  IMG 0719  First beer 
IMG 0720  Beer and fountains  IMG 0721  First pizza  IMG 0722  Nina and the Pantheon  IMG 0723  The Pantheon (again)  IMG 0724  The roof with a hole  IMG 0725  Outside Santa Maria Sopra Minerva 
IMG 0727  Bernini's Elephant  IMG 0728  The Trevi Fountain  IMG 0730  La dolce vita  IMG 0732  IMG 0733  IMG 0734  Nina in the Piazza Navona 
IMG 0735  The fountain of the four rivers (yes, from that wretched Dan Brown book)  IMG 0736  IMG 0737  IMG 0738  IMG 0740  The Trevi Fountain by night  IMG 0741  Funky rooftop bar at the hotel Aleph 
IMG 0743  At the top of the Spanish Steps  IMG 0744  Babbington's Tea (and coffee, pancakes and scrambled egg) Rooms  IMG 0745  Piazza di Spagna  IMG 0746  Ecce Romani!  IMG 0747  Medieval barber shop (look it up if you don't believe me)  IMG 0753  The arch of Septimus Severus (without the barber shop) 
IMG 0754  Cinquecento!  IMG 0755  Bella machina :-)  IMG 0756  IMG 0757  IMG 0758  IMG 0759 
IMG 0760  IMG 0762  IMG 0763  IMG 0764  Shy cinquecento  IMG 0765  Restoration project  IMG 0766  Nina runs away from potential Fiat 500 purchase 
IMG 0767  IMG 0769  Fountain of the tortoises (or something)  IMG 0770  Michelangelo's subtlely widening steps - higher than they look!  IMG 0771  Marcus Aurelius, on a horse  IMG 0772  IMG 0773  Nina on the Cordonata 
IMG 0774  Look at that lamp-post!  IMG 0775  La Trattoria degli Amici  IMG 0776  IMG 0778  The Vittoriano by night  IMG 0779  Piazza Venezia  IMG 0781  A rainy Sunday 
IMG 0782  More ruins  IMG 0783  IMG 0784  IMG 0785  IMG 0786  Inside the Colosseum (with cats, bottom centre)  IMG 0788 
IMG 0789  IMG 0790  IMG 0791  IMG 0792  IMG 0797  IMG 0798  Hotel bar by day - Nina drinks an authentic Italian beer 
IMG 0802  Spanish steps by night, complete with soap-dodging students  IMG 0804  Nina learns to use a Roman drinking fountain  IMG 0806  Room 509 at the Hotel Aleph  IMG 0809  IMG 0810  Bernini's colonnade (yes, him again)  IMG 0811  The dome of St Peter's 
IMG 0812  320 steps still to go!  IMG 0813  Inside the dome  IMG 0814  At the top, at last!  IMG 0815  IMG 0816  Quite a view  IMG 0817 
IMG 0818  The centro 'storico  IMG 0819  IMG 0820  The Vatican gardens, from the top of St Peter's  IMG 0821  Down at last!  IMG 0822  We climbed that  IMG 0823  We were up at the top, where the small windows are 
IMG 0824  The altar at St Peter's - Pope conspicuously absent, on holiday  IMG 0742  Due Bellini per favore!  IMG 0793  Cinquecento being used as street furniture  IMG 0768  Il Vittoriano  IMG 0796  Above the Piazza del Popolo (also from that damned book)  IMG 0808  St Peter's