We were due another wet year...
IMG 1265  Jemma on the train  IMG 1266  Robin changes out of "smart casual"  IMG 1267  Where's my tyre gauge?  IMG 1268  IMG 1273  Intense concentration  IMG 1274  This was the dry bit of the drive! 
IMG 1276  Almost at Honfleur, and the roads are drying  IMG 1277  Honfleur et Leffe  IMG 1279  First beer!  IMG 1280  IMG 1281  Roof very optimistically off  IMG 1282  Robin polishes the car, angering the rain gods 
IMG 1283  A well waxed Tuscan  IMG 1284  Skies are darkening...  IMG 1285  Coffee in Gace  IMG 1286  IMG 1287  IMG 1288  Sun! Blue sky!!!  It was torrential rain 10 minutes before this photo 
IMG 1289  The self-erecting tent  IMG 1290  Ed and Caroline's optimistically basic tent  IMG 1292  Is Alex trying to get close to Simone, or to the food?  IMG 1293  Big Blue Tarp proved useful  IMG 1295  IMG 1296 
IMG 1300  Fig roll, anyone? :-p  IMG 1301  IMG 1303  Clear skies for Friday night - not for long!  IMG 1306  TVRs of all shapes and sizes  IMG 1308  A somewhat damp Arnage  IMG 1309 
IMG 1311  Robin's birthday dinner  IMG 1313  IMG 1315  The birthday boy and stripey friends  IMG 1316  More stripes  IMG 1318  Happy Birthday to you...  IMG 1319  Ta da! 
IMG 1320  One calvados too many?  IMG 1321  "Steve Barber, I'll ask you again, can you assure me these people will get their money back?"  IMG 1322  Der Bier Wagen  IMG 1323  Leaving Trouville for a sedate drive home  IMG 1324  IMG 1325  Robin wins this year's sticker competition 
IMG 1297  IMG 1299  Bed-time for the convoy  IMG 1307  Andy's big brown Merc (wonder if it got home this year?)  IMG 1310  Rain, mud, but not many die-hard fans  IMG 1317  Hmmmm  IMG 1304 
IMG 1305  Wally's Noble, complete with new clutch  IMG 1291  Look at those jaw muscles!  IMG 1294  Becks tends to the Merguez  IMG 1302  The arty shot