11 years on the trot - first year without a TVR (or Nina!)
IMG 0797  Getting ready for a tearful goodbye (to Nina, not Darren)  IMG 0798  The convoy, part 1, not including the Thames Water van  IMG 0799  Practical Porker  IMG 0800  They look sad to see us go... :-s  IMG 0801  Whisky Golf Hotel makes another Le Mans appearance  IMG 0802  Look at Simon's knitted bonnet 
IMG 0803  The hot seat :-)  IMG 0804  GT3 parked a bit close to the kerb...  IMG 0807  IMG 0805  New hotel in Honfleur, the cheap and suprisingly cheerful All Seasons.  We'll be back  IMG 0806  Simon compares his knitted carbon bonnet with this 106's revolutionary mildew/bird sh*t composite roof  IMG 0809  Trying to think of an opening line for the DVD 
IMG 0810  A man who hasn't discoverd the bl**dy big hole in his turbo inlet yet  IMG 0811  The future's so bright...  IMG 0813  "It's ok Ian, the orange boat is just over there"  IMG 0814  IMG 0815  Freebie gets ready for some elderly pumping  IMG 0816  It's low, it's blue, and the roof is on - Freebie prepares to deploy 340bhp in the car park 
IMG 0818  Petrol station faffing - part 1 of 1072 (and that *isn't* Dave on the moped)  IMG 0819  Freebie has found a new contract  IMG 0887  Here we come!  IMG 0820  Probably the furthest south pint of London Pride in Christendom  IMG 0821  Camping idyll  IMG 0823  Night qualifying at Mulsanne 
IMG 0825  IMG 0829  Simon tries to replace his burst pipework (again)  IMG 0833  The offending hose  IMG 0830  Freebie loves his new car  IMG 0831  Someone turns up to make Freebie's car look very gay  IMG 0832  Un-original colour line up 
IMG 0834  Garlick's Chimaera, even louder than Ian's (and dare I say it, lacking a great big scratch on the back and a broken rear window)  IMG 0835  Ho ho ho.  Not.  IMG 0836  The world's loudest Testerossa.  Appears to have no exhaust at all!  IMG 0837  Pretty GT40 replica  IMG 0838  Run for your lives!  IMG 0839 
IMG 0840  Fuel goes in here.  Frequently.  IMG 0841  Awesome creation from AllegroMotorSport.com  IMG 0843  Homage to Hollywood  IMG 0842  IMG 0844  Wet weather kit for this Ariel Atom  IMG 0845  Fab E30 325 with an E36 M3 lump 
IMG 0846  Lowdrag's authentic Lynx D-type replica  IMG 0847  IMG 0848  Camping Luxe  IMG 0849  "...and then I said to Simon, it looks like you've blown a seal"  IMG 0850  IMG 0851  Bounty Lakes - can't see the huge catfish in this one 
IMG 0852  Zoolander?  IMG 0853  The "Event Shelter" - every camp site should have one  IMG 0854  IMG 0855  IMG 0857  IMG 0859 
IMG 0860  Beer-powered Tuscan  IMG 0861  Separated at birth?  IMG 0863  Simon ogles footage of pretty girls  IMG 0865  Guess who?  Who else would wear a plaid shirt to Le Mans?  IMG 0867  You've guessed it!  IMG 0868  Bargain stool - £1 from Poundland 
IMG 0869  Objects in this picture are smaller than they appear  IMG 0870  Safety car = Champagne tent  IMG 0871  IMG 0872  IMG 0873  IMG 0874  "Hats are cool" 
IMG 0876  Ian is overcome by the news that McNish is ok  IMG 0877  En route back to the circuit in Le Bounty Bus  IMG 0879  Too much sun, lads?  IMG 0880  IMG 0882  Shaverlight, I think they were called  IMG 0883  The atmosphere was electric.  Well, I mean, the lights were electric... 
IMG 0884  IMG 0885  How to pack a Chimaera  IMG 0886  10% of Dave's gear  IMG 0890  Last few laps at Mulsanne  IMG 0892  Back to the usual bistro in Mulsanne.  Best of friends this year (just like 2009)  IMG 0893 
IMG 0894  IMG 0895  Simon hopes this will cover his engine rebuild  IMG 0896  IMG 0897  How hot is it in here?  IMG 0898  IMG 0899 
IMG 0900  What's in this pot, Freebie?  Surely not cable ties?  IMG 0903  Simple things...  IMG 0905  Number 10 in the famous Twingo Challenge (ask Freebie)  IMG 0906  Team blue  IMG 0907  Lunch at L'Enduro, as usual, in Le Touquet  IMG 0908  First Le Mans for the GT3 - awesome car (better than Freebie's) 
IMG 0909  IMG 0910  Simon takes the GT3 clutch challenge  IMG 0911  IMG 0912  No breakdowns this year for Blackpool's finest  IMG 0913  Not quite the usual bonnet mascot  IMG 0914  Spoilers are cool 
IMG 0917  IMG 0918  IMG 0920  IMG 0921  That's all, folks