New England, New York and Canada

Photos from living and working in the USA in 2004.

Boston - Wellesley, January 2004

Various photos from a three week stay in Wellesley for the NGUS proposal, with temperatures hovering below 0F!

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Boston, September 2003

Weekend in Boston during the NGUS conference room pilot.

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Christmas shopping in New York, 2004

A last weekend Christmas shopping in New York before returning to real life in England. Accommodation courtesy of the Waldorf Astoria :-)

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Killington and Vermont, autumn 2004

A couple of trips to Killington, to experience mountain biking on real mountains. Check out the maximum off-road speed on the GPS, achieved downhill without body armour...

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Newport, September 2003

More escape from the NGUS conference room pilot, this time in Newport RI.

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Niagara and Toronto, September 2004

First weekend in Toronto, via Niagara Falls.

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Niagara Falls, September 2004

A return visit to Niagara Falls with Lisa.

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Syracuse, various 2004

Syracurse. 'Nuff said :-(

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The Hunt, New Jersey, October 2004

The Hunt, one of New Jersey's most famous social occasions. Amateur steeplechasing for charity, combined with no small amount of drinking. A lot like Le Mans with horses, and a posh hotel in Manhattan instead of a tent.

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Washington DC, November 2004

A quiet weekend in DC, visiting the Smithsonian and other tourist attractions.

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Westborough and Plymouth, June 2004

Around Westborough and Plymouth, MA.

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