Val d'Isere 2007

Ongar on Ice is back, with a new cast, and some old faces!
IMG 1170  This year's intrepid skiers, less Paul and Sarah (who were cooking our dinner :-)  IMG 1215  Picturesque Val d'Isere  IMG 1217  One of the few resorts not blighted by Eastern-bloc style tower blocks  IMG 1218  Our home for the week, Chalet Bivouac, run for the season by Paul and Sarah  IMG 1219  Outside the chalet  IMG 1171  Day 1 - Ed and Darrell contemplate the nursery slopes 
IMG 1173  The newbies hard at lessons  IMG 1174  Nina on Day 1  IMG 1175  Emma on Day 1  IMG 1176  IMG 1177  IMG 1178 
IMG 1179  Ed on The World's Slowest Gondola (at Le Fornet)  IMG 1180  Darrell looking remarkably cheery, sat next to an open gondola door in a howling gale  IMG 1182  IMG 1183  Mountain Pete  IMG 1184  Nina on the Olympique cable car  IMG 1185  Pete, with the legendary "Face de Bellevarde" downhill in the background 
IMG 1187  Paul and Sarah, our expert chalet hosts, and scarily good skiers  IMG 1188  Nina in a cafe - before The First Blue Run  IMG 1189  Milling about at the top of Nina's First Blue Run  IMG 1190  "Hmmm, looks steep from here" thinks Nina  IMG 1191  Nina's First Blue Run (with "slow" sign miraculously intact)  IMG 1192  Emma and Darren making themselves at home in the bar 
IMG 1193  Nina in the Blue Note  IMG 1194  IMG 1195  The top of the map - The Grande Motte Glacier at 3,500m, above Tignes  IMG 1196  Glacier explorers!  IMG 1197  More of the same  IMG 1198  Yet more! 
IMG 1200  Tartiflette and beer all round then!  IMG 1201  Nina on a lift  IMG 1202  Emma and The Big Snowplough  IMG 1203  Darren and the Slightly Smaller Snowplough  IMG 1204  Nina about to head for the cafe  IMG 1205  The happy couple 
IMG 1206  Not long 'til Nina's on reds  IMG 1207  Paul auditions for the Snow+Rock 2008 catalogue  IMG 1210  Nina's First Red Run!  After only 5 days on skis :-o  IMG 1211  A well earned beer after the last run of the week  IMG 1212  Serious beers all round  IMG 1213  Pete bores Sarah 
IMG 1214  IMG 1220  Outside Chalet Biv  IMG 1221  Typical apres ski...  IMG 1222  IMG 1223  IMG 1224  Video analysis of the last day 
IMG 1225  At the world's most chaotic airport - The Voyage Home