The hospital diaries

Thomas's first couple of weeks, in the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford
IMG 0928  Mum and baby doing well!  IMG 0929  Thomas at a couple of minutes old, at 14:34 on 15th July, weighing a respectable 5lb 6oz  IMG 0934  IMAG0128  Day 1 - not impressed at being confined to an incubator in the Special Care Baby Unit  IMAG0129  Even less impressed at being unwrapped...  IMAG0132  ...but at least he has an awesome hat :-) 
IMAG0133  Tiny fingers  IMG 0930  Nina looking remarkably recovered after some NHS toast  IMG 0932  Day 2 - still in an incubator, but a bit more awake this morning  IMG 0933  Getting ready to be shipped off to theatre  IMG 0935  IMAG0136  Day 2 - back from his first op, and thoroughly unimpressed at being hooked up to all manner of aparatus in PICU 
IMG 0937  Day 3 - funky new bedding in PICU, and looking a bit perkier  IMG 0939  Day 4 - Proud mum and boy  IMG 0943  He loves his Miffy  IMG 0944  The happy parents  IMAG0138  Day 5 - about to leave for his second operation  IMAG0140  Back from theatre, with Miffy put to good use holding his ventilator tubes 
IMG 0945  Day 6 - belly much more normal after the second operation  IMG 0948  Very neat handiwork by Mr Lee, Thomas's paediatric surgeon  IMG 0950  Celebrating Thomas's successful second operation back in the Ronald McDonald House  IMG 0951  Day 7 - I'm forever blowing bubbles (he isn't going to be a West Ham fan though)  IMG 0953  Day 7 - off the ventilator at last  IMG 0954  Day 7 - looking a bit yellow around the edges, so time for phototherapy 
IMG 0955  The best tanning service the NHS can provide  IMG 0957  Day 8 - Once Thomas's arterial line had been removed, mum is permitted a first cuddle  IMG 0958  Proud mum and dad  IMG 0960  IMG 0963  Just like any baby, Thomas loves to grab your finger  IMG 0966  Day 8 close-up 
IMG 0968  Bed time on day 8, and a brief move to the (freezing cold) high dependency unit - loving that hat!  IMAG0144  Day 9 - a big day, Thomas escapes PICU to move to Tom's Ward in the Children's Hospital  IMG 0969  IMG 0970  Day 9 close-up  IMG 0971  Thomas's bed on the children's surgical ward, with a view at last  IMG 0997  Nice view of the park 
IMG 0973  Day 10 - a cuddle for Dad at last  IMG 0974  IMG 0976  Day 10 - first visit for Nana Kate  IMG 0978  And another visit from Nanny Collinge  IMG 0981  IMG 0983 
IMG 0984  IMG 0985  Day 11  IMG 0986  Those finger nails could do with a trim!  IMG 0987  Day 11, fast asleep  IMG 0989  Day 12 - Thomas and Miffy  IMAG0145  Day 13, mittens! 
IMG 0990  Day 14 - finding his voice  IMG 0992  Still a bit camera shy  IMG 0993  Day 15, not especially happy about being changed!  IMG 0994  Day 16 - sleepy baby  IMAG0150  Architectural interlude - the atrium in the Radcliffe Children's Hospital  IMAG0151 
IMAG0152  IMAG0153  Day 17, and another milestone...  IMG 0995  ...Thomas is disconnected from his TPN feeding lines, and is on the move (albeit only within the hospital)  IMG 0996  Day 18 - Not quite sure about the big red elephant from Darren and Emma  IMAG0156  Day 18 - Thomas's NG tube is removed  IMAG0157  Looking like a normal baby at last! 
IMG 0998  Day 18 - decision taken, we're out of here!  IMG 0999  Thomas untroubled by his impending move home  IMG 1000  IMG 1001  Hurry up and wait  IMG 1002  We're off!  Goodbye and thank-you to the John Radcliffe hospital and all its staff  IMG 1003  First car journey... 
IMG 1004  ...and like all babies, Thomas spends his journey home fast asleep.  To be continued!